Educating Children

Designing curriculum, providing resources and supplies, and getting children excited about learning through novel learning activities.

Sponsoring children's education at a private school through the Mind Investor program.

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Transforming Health & Infrastructure

Built a dental hygiene room, installed kitchen and bathroom sinks, constructed a playground, instituted hand washing routines, reinforced the current chicken coop, and created nutritious meal plans for the children and more.

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Spreading joy

Using innovative crafts, engaging songs, and quality time to foster children's excitement about education while broadening their horizons.

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Since 2017

Goals Accomplished:


  • At Vipaji Nursery School & Daycare Center
    • Happy Teeth Center ( Dental Hygiene room) constructed
    • 4 sinks installed at the Center
      • Kitchen
      • Bathroom
      • 2 in Happy Teeth Center
    • Chicken coop constructed for food and capital opportunities.
    • 15 new mattresses for nap time
    • School van windshield and transmission replaced
    • Outdoor kitchen constructed
    • Back salary paid for nannies/staff
    • New drinking water system initiated (Boiled water and personal bottles for each child)
    • Nursery school curriculum revamped and revised- taught classes daily, incorporating crafts and fun.
    • Community meetings with mothers to discuss healthy eating and discipline techniques
    • Center stocked with school supplies, lesson plans, and toys


  • 60 toddler shoes purchased and delivered to Cradle of Love baby orphanage
  • Refrigerator purchased and breast pump provided to single mother of premature triplets


  • Playground constructed and installed at Vipaji Nursery School Center
  • Sponsored the formal education of the school’s one teacher (She will complete her certificate program in Early Childhood Education in July-yay!)
  • Initiated the Mind Investor sponsorship program and the first five children are now enrolled at private schools.


  • Bus purchased and outfitted for Vipaji Daycare Center
  • Education sponsorship renewed for five children
  • Madam Rachel (past sponsorship recipient) finished certificate program and is now officially certified in Childhood Education


  • 4 new students added to our Mind Investor Program!


  • Tanga Wheelchair Initiative: 10 wheelchairs hand-constructed in Moshi and delivered to 10 paraplegic children at Kwamkono Disabled Center in Tanga.
  • Cow purchased for one of our Mind Investor student’s family to provide milk for the family’s nutrition and also to act as secondary income with selling of surplus milk.
  • Alex, one of our Mind Investor Program students, graduated from Arusha Wisdom College with a certificate in Tour Guiding Management!

Potential Future Goals:

-Infant/Toddler classroom & bathroom construction: Building a new classroom for children aged 0-4 at the center.

- Partnering with the refugee camp in Kigoma, Tanzania to brighten the lives of the children there.

-Expanding the Mind Investor Program to more children and areas.

-Projects to make the Kwamkono Disabled Center more handicap accessible for the students there.


More mattresses/bed covers for nap time
Food supplies
More chickens for the chicken coop




Next Steps...

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Thank you so much in advance from the bottom of our heart! Because of your donations last year so much was accomplished! Together, let's do even more this summer.