From Hearts 2 Hands is a 501(c)(3) public charity

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Our Approach

The Vision

 The goal of From Hearts 2 Hands is to bridge the gap between simple thoughts of goodwill and physical actions of goodwill.


Harvard trained physician Paul Farmer known for his revolutionary medical and public health work in Haiti had these words to say:

“It is the curse of humanity that it learns to tolerate even the most horrible situations by habituation.”

Join me today in allowing what tugs at your heartstrings to also propel you forward to be an agent of change.

Our Story

The Story


In the summer of 2017 I left on a journey, 8,000 miles from home to Usa River, Tanzania to volunteer independently, without an organization, not even knowing who would meet me at the airport. Once I landed I was in for the ride of my life. A ride where I would fall in love with the Tanzanian people and their culture over the next three months. Initially I was only going to work at an orphanage, and though I continued volunteering there, two weeks into my trip I stumbled across a semi- constructed home- with unfinished ceilings, a bare cement floor, and only water pipes jutting out from the wall (no sinks!)- that serves as an unofficial daycare for about 40 infants and children. It is called Vipaji Daycare Center and is run by a man named Goodluck, whose mission is to provide free or reduced childcare to support women in the community so they can work to provide for their families. However, the center was in dire need of structural, organizational and curriculum improvements. It became my home and where I did most of my work. Each day I fell more in love with Tanzania and all the children I met and wanted to make some positive changes at the center. I worked to get a dental hygiene room constructed, kitchen and bathroom sinks installed, a chicken coop built and stocked with chickens for eggs and selling capital, and the children's curriculum revamped.  In between volunteering some days at an orphanage, I prepared lessons plans and craft activities for the daycare center and in the mornings would teach the children either with a translator or as time progressed, by myself in Swahili. Afternoons were spent overseeing construction, shopping for supplies and building materials, playing with the children and conferencing with Goodluck about day to day needs, challenges, and operations as well as the future direction of the center.  Meetings were held with Goodluck and the staff about ways to improve safety, discipline, scheduling, and proper nutrition for the children. I returned the next summer (2018) and with your donations was able to get a playground constructed at the nursery school, sponsor the college education of the nursery school's teacher, and the education of five children to go to private schools through our new Mind Investor program. And from all of this the nonprofit From Hearts 2 Hands was born.  Close contact is kept with Vipaji Daycare Center all year and we are always thinking of the next step and next improvement. Forty little ones from infancy to twelve years old daily frequent this center so helping the center directly impacts their lives. We are also excited to expand our efforts to the surrounding community, partnering with other schools and organizations and continuing to add more students to our Mind Investor program. With continued investment and support From Hearts 2 Hands has the potential to transform these children and by extension the community of Usa River and other regions of Tanzania, both now and in the future.

Meet the founder:


Briana Greene

"There was no one to tell me I couldn' t, so I told myself I could."

Briana is a 27 yr old from FL, USA whose heart is touched with a passion for children in poverty. That passion has become the focal point of her educational and life journey. She received a bachelor's in Religion & Healthcare in 2016 from the University of Miami and is currently a third year medical student at Loma Linda University School of Medicine in California with plans to serve abroad as physician post residency.

Each summer she returns to Tanzania to further impact the lives of the children she has met by continued development of the Vipaji Daycare Center and the surrounding community. Her dream is to see the center grow and along with other projects and partnerships continue to touch many more little lives positively -  not only for today but for their & their country’s tomorrows.

Next Steps...

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