Though the COVID 19 Pandemic halted travel, it did not stall our efforts. Prior commitments, such as the Mind Investor Program and Vipaji Nursery School partnership, were still able to be maintained from afar and several new projects came into fruition even from abroad!


  • 4 new students added to our Mind Investor program


  • Cow purchased for one of our Mind Investor student’s family to provide milk for the family’s nutrition and also to act as secondary income with selling of surplus milk. Shortly after the cow was purchased we learned she was pregnant and a calf was born! The family was overjoyed at this surprising blessing! As a result of the profits from selling the milk they were able to have electricity installed in their home!
  • Tanga Wheelchair Initiative– 10 paraplegic children at Kwamkono Disabled Centre, a school for the disabled in Tanga, Tanzania, are in desperate need of wheelchairs. Sponsors were found and wheelchairs are currently being hand fabricated in the town of Moshi, Tanzania. Daily these students navigate dirt paths around their school compound to get from their living quarters to their classrooms, kitchen hall, and restroom facilities and we are happy to help provide mobility and independence to these children who really need and deserve it. Check out their stories below.