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Have a piece of Tanzania that you can share with your friends while contributing to the cause. Visit our "Shop" link to purchase postcards with beautiful images of Tanzania taken by Briana herself.

Where does your money go?

  • 97.1% of donations go directly towards the projects and needs of the children.
    • Gofundme.com deducts a 2.9% processing fee + 30 cents per donation.
  • All personal aspects of my trip- flight, food, accommodations- are privately financed and DO NOT come from donations.


2018's Project Goals: Donation Destinations

Continuing to improve Vipaje Daycare Center

  • Sponsor the formal education of the school’s one teacher: Madam Rachel has not had the opportunity to obtain a formal education, but she is bright and has a deep love for the children and their learning. Providing her with an education benefits her and the future of all the children she will teach.  $300 USD will allow her to complete an 18 month teaching course at a local college. We all know that education is key.
  • Infant/Toddler classroom & bathroom construction:       Currently children under the age of four have no official classroom at the center  and toddlers/babies are free to crawl ALL over, which is definitely a safety concern. Many of the rooms in the house do not have doors and some doors to the outside are also open, so a classroom for this specific age group would be a safeguard and allow for more structured activities and learning opportunities. Sanitation is always a concern, so construction of a bathroom with western  plumbing instead of a latrine would improve hygiene with close proximity to the classroom allowing for better supervision.
  • Playground: Currently there is just a rickety homemade swing set, with a total of only two swings. The 30 older children spend a lot of time outdoors playing, therefore a playground would be a focal center of safe play, enriching their afternoons. It would also eliminate the children wandering off or using potentially dangerous non-play items for entertainment. Estimates range from $700-1000 USD.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • More mattresses/bed covers for nap time
    • Schoolbooks/supplies (crayons, play dough, pencils, paper, etc)
    • First aid supplies
    • A Projector would be GREAT to play educational movies
    • Reinforcing the existing chicken coop structure against wild animals and restocking it with additional chickens.
  • Donation for Cradle of Love Baby Home: Cradle of Love orphanage  is where I started my volunteer journey in TZ and while they are well-staffed with volunteers, there is always a continued need for weekly funds- for infant hospital fees, groceries, medicine bills, etc .

Next Steps...

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