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  • All personal aspects of trips- flight, food, accommodations- are privately financed and DO NOT come from donations.


Mind Investor Sponsorship Program

  • Education sponsors have the option of committing to a half sponsorship, full sponsorship, or a yearly repeating sponsorship commitment. Sponsors will also receive a photo of their sponsored child! Only $630 provides a full year's tuition, transportation costs, classroom and field uniform, school supplies, and educational trips. Email for more information!
  • Education in Tanzania is a critical issue as many public government schools are extremely overcrowded with some classroom ratios being as dismal as eighty children to ONE teacher. Mind Investors is a project designed to provide young children with an education at a good institution where they can receive more individualized attention. Providing partial or full sponsorships takes immense financial strain off the families and eliminate the disruptions that can occur in a child’s education due to inability to produce the school fees at the set payment times. As the former head of the United Negro College Fund so poignantly said” A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”


Current Mind Investor Program Sponsored Students

2019-2020 Project Goals: Donation Destinations

  • Ensuring the success and continuity of the Mind Investor Program through education sponsorship for the children
  • Continuing to improve Vipaje Daycare Center
  • Infant/Toddler classroom & bathroom construction:       Currently children under the age of four have no official classroom at the center  and toddlers/babies are free to crawl ALL over, which is definitely a safety concern. Many of the rooms in the house do not have doors and some doors to the outside are also open, so a classroom for this specific age group would be a safeguard and allow for more structured activities and learning opportunities. Sanitation is always a concern, so construction of a bathroom with western  plumbing instead of a latrine would improve hygiene with close proximity to the classroom allowing for better supervision.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • More mattresses/bed covers for nap time
    • Schoolbooks/supplies (crayons, play dough, pencils, paper, etc)
    • First aid supplies
    • A Projector would be GREAT to play educational movies
    • Reinforcing the existing chicken coop structure against wild animals and restocking it with additional chickens.
  • Donation for Cradle of Love Baby Home: Cradle of Love orphanage  is where I started my volunteer journey in TZ and while they are well-staffed with volunteers, there is always a continued need for weekly funds- for infant hospital fees, groceries, medicine bills, etc .
  • Currently under deliberation:  Looking into potential projects at a refugee camp in Kigoma, Tanzania.

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  • If you would like to sponsor a child, select $630 as your donation amount and we'll be in touch about your child!
  • If you have a specific project you would like to delegate your money towards, email us directly!