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Mind Investor Sponsorship Program

  • Education sponsors have the option of committing to a half sponsorship, full sponsorship, or a yearly repeating sponsorship commitment. Sponsors will also receive a photo of their sponsored child! Only $630 provides a full year's tuition, transportation costs, classroom and field uniform, school supplies, and educational trips. Email for more information!
  • Education in Tanzania is a critical issue as many public government schools are extremely overcrowded with some classroom ratios being as dismal as eighty children to ONE teacher. Mind Investors is a program designed to provide young children with an education at a good institution where they can receive more individualized attention. Providing partial or full sponsorships takes immense financial strain off the families and eliminates the disruptions that can occur in a child’s education due to inability to produce the school fees at the set payment times. As the former head of the United Negro College Fund so poignantly said” A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”


Current Project Goals: Donation Destinations

  • Kwamkono Center for the Disabled: This school for disabled children is in great need of handicap accessible bathroom facilities and paved paths to replace the dirt paths around campus for better ease of use for wheelchairs. The goal is to begin construction this summer!
  • Ensuring the success and continuity of the Mind Investor Program through education sponsorship for the children
  • Currently under deliberation:  Potential projects at a refugee camp in Kigoma, Tanzania.

~Kwamkono Accessible Bathroom Project~


Current Mind Investor Program Students

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  • If you would like to sponsor a child, select $630 as your donation amount and we'll be in touch about your child!
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